Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why the downloads are not working...

Please read the following emails...

Thanks so much for e-mailing me! I wanted to send you this information because I want to save you some trouble in the future.

Your layouts are so cute and you're really talented I'm very flattered that you used my frame in your layout. What I think you need to understand is that without designer permission for commercial use and distribution, what you are doing is considered piracy. I'm so sorry to be so blunt, but those are the facts.

You're using products from some very well-known designers and what you're doing is basicallly taking something they've created and possibly offered as a freebie to promote their products and you're creating your own product. Whether you offer it for sale or as a freebie, you're repackaging and distributing a product that you don't have the rights to.

My TOUs state (as most designer TOUs state) that: "The files in this archive may be modified or altered to suit your needs (color, size, etc.) You may not offer them in any other collection or individually for personal or commercial use." The necessity of giving credit that you referred to in your comments was for original layouts you have created for your own use that you show publicly on your blog or in galleries. Where you are wrong is when you remove your pictures and offer your layouts containing copyrighted designs for the use of others as a freebie.

To make sure I was correct on this issue I posted a thread in the designer forum at the stores where I sell and I received immediate response from many designers who vehemently agreed that this is piracy and encouraged me to contact you and let you know before you get in copyright trouble.

I'm not trying to attack you at all....I just realize that you're new to the industry and obviously don't understand.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this and hope you accept this information in the spirit it was intended.


No problem! Thanks for sitting me down and explaining the TOUs to me. I am sorry I didn't see clearly that I was breaking them and I feel ashamed that I needed a more elementary explanation. I am truly sorry. I will remove the unauthorized material tonight.

Thanks for the help,

In Short... there are no hard feelings and rules are rules. I'm just sorry I didn't fully understand them to begin with. I will however have my own designs to share from time to time and layouts that I've put together to share, (including my Easter Album) that I will clearly explain and give credit to the artist and their beautiful work so that you may recreate the layouts yourself (by following links over to their sites :-)

Thanks for all the warm welcomes to the community and I hope that this blemish doesn't scar too bad.

Take Care,
I have 3 tired toddlers that NEED to get to bed...

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Anonymous said...

Steph: I guess I'm famous now that my e-mail is published online! LOL!! Thanks for understanding. I look forward to seeing your designs and more of your layouts. You're really talented!